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Treat yourself to beautiful, sustainable textiles for your home.

Proceeds support urban agriculture.
Made of quality and reclaimed materials.
Hand made in Pennsylvania with love.


The land, textiles and design have always been central in my life.

In 2012, I became a working shareholder at my local urban farm, Henry Got Crops, as part of the community supported agriculture movement. I saw some modest needs going unmet on the farm and imagined a way I could help. As a former dancer turned costume designer, I was in a period of questioning the sustainability of continuing in costume design. I turned my sewing skills towards making napkins out of the backs of second-hand men’s shirts and selling them to support the farm. I volunteered at community events, started to sell my textile goods at local farm markets, and connected with artisans, activists, and other like-minded folks trying to make a difference. I could feel the spirits of my life commingling all at once: the farmers, nurserymen, landscape architects, architects, the gardeners, the environmentalists, the spinners and weavers, even the dancer/performer I started out to be. All my experiences in life came together and formed a single idea: a line of kitchen textiles made with natural and reclaimed materials sold to support urban agriculture.  My love for the environment, fabric, and sewing all dancing around each other in varying degrees over time that have coalesced into my current business.


- Heidi Barr, founder, kitchen garden series



Surround yourself with beautiful textiles and be part of the solution