About Us

Kitchen Garden Series makes a sustainable lifestyle more accessible through innovative textiles and information, designed to help our customers transition away from plastic and single-use disposables.


We take a wholesome approach to ethics and the environment, ensuring fair wages in our supply chain and using organic 100% natural fibers.


Our work includes strengthening the local food system by donating to urban agriculture and working with local farmers to rebuild a regenerative textile supply chain.



The land, textiles and design have always been central in my life.

In 2012, I became a working shareholder at my local urban farm, Henry Got Crops, as part of the community supported agriculture movement. I saw some modest needs going unmet on the farm and imagined a way I could help. As a former dancer turned costume designer, I was in a period of questioning the sustainability of continuing in costume design. I turned my sewing skills towards making napkins out of the backs of second-hand men’s shirts and selling them to support the farm. I volunteered at community events, started to sell my textile goods at local farm markets, and connected with artisans, activists, and other like-minded folks trying to make a difference. I could feel the spirits of my life commingling all at once: the farmers, nurserymen, landscape architects, architects, the gardeners, the environmentalists, the spinners and weavers, even the dancer/performer I started out to be. All my experiences in life came together and formed a single idea: a line of kitchen textiles made with natural and reclaimed materials sold to support urban agriculture.  My love for the environment, fabric, and sewing all dancing around each other in varying degrees over time that have coalesced into my current business.

- Heidi Barr, founder, kitchen garden series




Growing up, I had the luxury of being able to spend a lot of time running in the woods barefoot and splashing in a creek behind my childhood home. I believe this early connection to nature is one of the many reasons that led me on my current journey. During my senior year of college, I wrote a paper about the Environmental Movement and my research shaped me into a passionate environmentalist. My hunger for more knowledge about reducing my carbon footprint and mitigating our human impact on the environment led me to complete my Master’s in Sustainable Management in 2019. I love being a part of The Kitchen Garden Series team where we work to make a daily difference for the planet and the people that live on it. I believe that the connection to the natural world, access to local food, and the availability of natural fibers is a crucial part of every human’s wellbeing and I hope to continue to cultivate those things through the products and philosophies of The Kitchen Garden Series. My weekly routine finds me connecting with what is most important to me as I work with Heidi towards a better world, read, take a stroll, water my plants, and spend time outdoors.

- Haley Galindo, chief operating officer, kitchen garden series



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