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 Surround Yourself with Beautiful Textiles and Become Part of the Solution

Our founder, Heidi Barr, is an artist working in textiles and garden based installations. She comes from a family of architects and farmers and her business is a merging of the two.

In 2012 she was inspired by the farm team at Henry got crops and the growers at the east park revitalization alliance to create the kitchen garden series. It is her way to support urban agriculture, the environmental health of her community and to provide you an easy, beautiful option to help reduce our reliance on single use disposables.


We believe in using the good linens everyday; that's why we make them for you. Linen is one of the most durable textiles, stronger when wet than dry, and up to 20% more absorbent than cotton. Invest in our linen products once and enjoy them forever! Plus, we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We test our products by living with them and using them daily. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do. 

Easy and elegant, everything is safe to wash with the regular laundry.