Our Materials


Textile Care Plan

  1. Wash: In the washing machine on cold with like colors.

  2. Dry: In the dryer or on the line.

  3. Stretch: Stretch the fabric in all directions until wrinkles disappear.

All of the textiles we use, began as crops. We use fabrics such as reclaimed cotton, new yardage remnants, and vintage hemp blends along with our beloved linen.




Linen is made from my favorite fiber crop, flax. Grown for its beauty and practicality as well as a food and industry source crop, flax, tolerates a range of soils, and requires little irrigation, fertilizer or pesticide use.

Linen is stronger when wet than dry, 20% more absorbent than cotton, has anti-bacterial and stain-resistant qualities making it perfect for use with food in your kitchen. When your linen products are spent, they are compostable.

We are proud that all of our linen products are now OEKO-TEX certified. This certification guarantees that the linen we use is free from harmful chemicals, safe for your use and ensures that the processing of the fabrics are environmentally responsible. Additionally, our linen suppliers in Lithuania assure us that their fabrics are organic. Like many small farms, the ones they source flax from do not have an organic certification. It's a goal of the kitchen garden series to offer GOTS certified organic linen in our products by the end of 2021. Our hope is that our current supplier will achieve this certification. Please check back often to see our progress!



Reclaimed cotton

The first product we designed was napkins made from the backs of reclaimed men's shirts. There are thousands of quality 100% cotton men's shirts readily available in thrift stores with minor damage that we work around. We give these textiles new life and a place at your table.



New yardage remnants

We're proud to source remnants from several other small businesses working with linen. In the garment factory there is fabric left after pieces are cut. It may be 12" along the long edge, a cut out created by the shape of the garment or even several yards at the end of a bolt not quite enough for another batch. We reclaim those pieces and make them into one of kind kitchen textiles for you. 


Vintage hemp blends

Durable and beautiful with storied histories, the vintage hemp blend seed sacks we use for our chefs aprons and sometimes our market bags are some of our favorite textiles. No two alike, each piece challenges us to best feature its design and signs of its former use.