Invite The Kitchen Garden Series to your next party!



The Kitchen Garden Series is happy to bring you sustainable linen rentals for all of your gatherings. 

Our textiles are heirloom quality, made from all natural fibers, they're environmentally friendly from field to table and a delight in the hand.

Please contact us about how to invite the kitchen garden series to your next party, event or full service restaurant rentals!


Our restaurant partners


Our hearts go out to our restaurant partners as they navigate this global pandemic and work to both feed and insure the health of our community.

Please celebrate their resilience and enjoy the very best food Philadelphia has to offer, prepared by responsible, caring chefs following the highest standards of safety to insure your health.

I invite you to take a moment to learn more about our restaurant collaborators, their commitments to the community, and their preparation of beautiful food that nourishes their guests and the local economy.

When we reach the other side of this pandemic, I hope you will join me for joyous crowded gatherings at their tables. I'll bring the table linens!



In February of 2019, Musi became the first restaurant to feature our custom restaurant napkins in their dining room and our vintage seed sack chef's aprons in their hard-working kitchen. Our debut collaboration with Chef Ari Miller inspired conversations about textiles as crops and opened up opportunities for kitchen garden series to expand our reach into the local restaurant community. We share so many values with Musi including the importance of building solid relationships, the relevance in strengthening the local supply chain, and the vitality in offering diners an elegant and environmentally responsible experience.



Musi's pandemic baby! Born in 2015 as a pop up, it remained such until, you know, the pandemic. Now it - along with its sibling sammies and hummus iterations - is available for pickup and delivery at Musi, Thurs - Sun 11 am - 7pm.This is where we source onion skins for our DIY dye kits!



Chef Randy Rucker and his talented  wife Amanda are faithful to sourcing sustainable goods from local purveyors at and I am proud they chose my linens for Rivertwice. Their selection of natural linen napkins and custom servers' aprons were perfectly chosen to reflect their commitment to local, high-quality products. Our collaboration galvanized the creation of our new single-use reusable hand towels for use in their restaurant restroom.



Kitchen wizards Samantha Kincaid and Jon Nodler focus on quality ingredients from producers that help them create a heartfelt, charming vibe in their new restaurant. Sourcing from makers whose practices they respect elevates the objects in their dining room and celebrates the simplicity of good basics. We are honored our linen napkins share the table at Cadence with their beautifully handmade food and merchandise.