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DiBrunos Wine Selects:

  • Berger Grüner Veltliner from Austria, liter bottles we always have. New vintage is great and crisp, lots of mineral and green apple. Not bone dry but dry, and good mineral. $21.99 liter
  • Mount Riley Sauvignon blanc from NZ, $22.99. It IS summer, lots of papaya / bright lemon lime / mango. Also dry.
  • Rosé, people have been obsessed with the Alain Graillot “tandem” Rosé which is Moroccan. Beautiful label. Super dry, from a Rhône producer who has some plots in Morocco and does this little project. $24.99. Bone dry on that one, very Provençal in style but also interesting.
  • ^^^All three of those come through skurnik wines so all are sustainable farming / smaller production.
  • Orange wine >>> Brianne Day “Vin de Days” orange from the willamette. Aromatic field blend, really well done and approachable Orange, not too acrid or funky, for anyone new to orange wine this is perfect but it’s also great for anyone who knows wine. Brianne is a queen. That’s way teeny, she made 120 cases. $36.99