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The latin origins of collaborate mean "to labor together" and through collaboration we deepen our impact and lighten our burdens. 

Collaborations in the store right now.


Hand painted linen dinner napkins w/ ANONA dress up any table!

Each piece in this collection with my friends at ANONA is a one of a kind painting. Bringing art to your table and kitchen is a great pleasure especially when the napkins are hand-painted by ANONA and hand-stitched by KGS. Our 100% linen napkins can be folded multiple ways to create various playful tabletop combinations in striped or plaid looks.


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Laundry soap w/ Vellum St. Soap Company

Partnering with Vellum St. Soap Company is a perfect solution for your handmade textiles!

Vellum St. soap partners with local kitchens, restaurants, and farms to source high-quality, organic food-grade materials that would often be considered waste. Vellum's process elevates these resources and turns them into beautiful products that help keep your laundry clean and fresh.


All-purpose cleaner w/ Volta Naturals

All natural cleaners from Volta naturals are an important element in your kitchen routine!

Volta naturals is woman-owned business in Philadelphia that facilitates holistic and responsible lifestyle choices through awareness of the environment and personal space. Kitchen garden series is excited to be the only online source for Volta's all-purpose cleaner and pleased to offer a special scent created just for our brand!


growing this spring


Flax and natural dyes w/ Kneehigh Farm

I was introduced to Emma Cunniff of Kneehigh Farm through a mutual artist friend. Kneehigh Farm is a women owned and operated farm that supplies over a hundred varieties of naturally grown produce to Philadelphia area farmers' markets, restaurants, and her local CSA members.

My first conversation with Emma not only covered the potential imaginings of locally grown indigo dyed linen bags, but also my dream for diversified flax farms that could help revitalize a lost local linen industry. A few weeks later, Emma was busy dying our linen produce bags in bright shades of blue, measuring out a plot of land on her farm for flax, and I was ordering flax seed! I am thrilled to announce that in mid-April of this year, we will be planting our first 1/8 acre of flax on Kneehigh Farm.

Emma's willingness to manifest these ideas into reality is a first step on the path to planting a garden I’ve been dreaming of for years. My dream garden features acres of organic flax and is part of a rotation of crops on a diversified farm just like Kneehigh. I hope that this flax we are growing can be transformed into a small batch of linen and made into homegrown textiles as part of a beautiful regenerative system that values people and the earth. Emma's support in realizing this garden is a big step and we look forward to inviting you to witness every stage of its growth. Sign up for our emails and keep coming back here for updates on how you can help us grow.


Our restaurant partners


As I write this, some of my beloved restaurants stand quiet and empty due to the necessary social distancing brought on by COVID19.

I invite you to take a moment to learn more about our restaurant collaborators, their commitments to the community, and their preparation of beautiful food that nourishes their guests and the local economy. Restaurant kitchen partnerships are a new and exciting direction that we look forward to growing. When we reach the other side of this pandemic, I hope you will join me for joyous gatherings at their tables. I'll bring the table linens!


In February of 2019, Musi became the first restaurant to feature our custom restaurant napkins in their dining room and our vintage seed sack chef's aprons in their hard-working kitchen. Our debut collaboration with Chef Ari Miller inspired conversations about textiles as crops and opened up opportunities for kitchen garden series to expand our reach into the local restaurant community. We share so many values with Musi including the importance of building solid relationships, the relevance in strengthening the local supply chain, and the vitality in offering diners an elegant and environmentally responsible experience.


Chef Randy Rucker and his talented  wife Amanda are faithful to sourcing sustainable goods from local purveyors at and I am proud they chose my linens for Rivertwice. Their selection of natural linen napkins and custom servers' aprons made from linen with black walnut dyed details were perfectly chosen to reflect their commitment to local, high-quality products. Our collaboration galvanized the creation of our new single-use reusable hand towels custom made for use in their restaurant restroom.


Kitchen wizards Samantha Kincaid and Jon Nodler focus on quality ingredients from producers that help them create a heartfelt, charming vibe in their new restaurant. Sourcing from makers whose practices they respect elevates the objects in their dining room and celebrates the simplicity of good basics. We are honored our linen napkins share the table at Cadence with their beautifully handmade food and merchandise.