Founder Heidi Barr is an artist working in textiles and garden based installations.

Formerly a costume designer, she began the kitchen garden series in 2012 to support the growth of things she loves: food, friendships, flowers, ideas, communities.

We create heirloom quality kitchen textiles for you while supporting Philadelphia's growing urban agricultural movement.

Our products are designed and made in Pennsylvania, and we give 10% of our profits to two organizations growing food inside the Philadelphia city limits; Henry Got Crops & The East Park Revitalization Alliance.

Our signature look comes from the up-cycled men's shirts and linen that appear in our designs. Using reclaimed materials has the added benefit of reducing textile waste in landfills.

Sustainable designs supporting sustainable food systems.


Beautiful - Sustainable - Practical


We believe in using the good linens everyday; that's why we make them for you.

Throughout the ages people have believed that linen has antibacterial properties and that's why it's a traditional textile for use in the kitchen.  In spite of our mothers telling us that the linen napkins had to be professionally cleaned and then ironed - horrors!! - we've discovered that, in fact, linen gets softer the more it's washed and holds less wrinkles as the fibers expand with loving use.

It's one of the oldest known fabrics and has a history of being extremely durable. In our studio, we use couture sewing techniques for a classic and lasting finish. 

We test our products by living with them and using them daily. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do.

Easy and elegant, everything is safe to wash with the regular laundry.