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Produce Bags

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This elegant linen bag is perfect for storing all your produce. 

For leafy greens, simply keep it wet, put your produce in and pop it in the 'fridge. 

This breathable linen bag holds moisture in the fabric, preventing rot and acting as a crisper.

For squash, berries, mushrooms and root vegetables use it dry.

The antimicrobial properties of  linen will wick away any extra moisture that builds up and inhibit mildew or mold from forming on your vegetables. 

Easy to care for, simply wash and dry on low heat and these bags will last years!


beautiful •sustainable • practical


The kitchen garden series is working at the intersection of food and fabric to make sustainable textiles more accessible while supporting urban agriculture. 

Whether you are growing, gathering, storing, preparing, or serving food, we offer timeless designs  help make your kitchen jobs cleaner and greener.

linen produce bags
linen produce bags
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linen produce bags-naturally dyed
linen produce bags-naturally dyed