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linen produce bags-naturally dyed


We've customized a few of our produce bags with food based dyes to make them extra special. This is an ongoing project exploring kitchen waste as dye materials. Available in four colors, each from a different food based dye.

The onion skins used here are from our restaurant partner Musi Philly where they have frizwit every first Monday and save their onion skins for us to make dyes.  

Limited quantities available in sets of 1 large and 1 small in several delicious color combinations.

Based on a trumpet flower, this elegant linen bag makes a perfect storage bag for your produce.

Simply keep it wet, put your produce in and pop it in the 'fridge. This breathable linen bag holds moisture in the fabric, preventing rot and acting as a crisper. Easy to care for, simply wash and dry on low heat and these bags will last years!