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Handwritten and heartfelt thank you card (and our deep gratitude for your support).

Our flax project keeps moving along in unexpected and exciting ways! The more we learn and experience and the more connections we make, the closer our dreams of revitalizing domestic linen production become.

In 2020 our first flax field was our chance to get familiar with the plants and see how they thrive in our locale. Our field was loaded with local bees, pollinators, and other beneficial insects, and grew vigorously. In the midst of the pandemic we safely hosted events to weed, celebrate, harvest and begin processing our flax into linen.

Choosing natural, locally grown fibers is an important choice for the environment; such fibers can be an integral part of regenerative farming systems, help build carbon stocks on working landscapes, and improve regional environmental health.

Thank you - my community of customers, textile artisans, activists, and farmers for being so eager to support these efforts in textile development. We couldn't do it without you and the others we've connected with across the country pursuing similar work.

Our flax project has appeared in the local press, is generating the support of several local growers and small business owners, and was presented at PASA (Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture). We're excited to expand our commitment to our local economy and textile supply chain. While this small investment in our local textile economy is a great new initiative for my business to explore, growing flax for linen is huge undertaking and we are counting on your continued support to make this happen. Stay tuned for upcoming events and please, consider becoming a Flax Friend.

looking forward with gratitude,


founder, kitchen garden series